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New Swiss METAS Certification gives Replica Omega Watches a better timekeeping performance

Nowadays, replica watch customers and enthusiasts of timepieces around the world are more and more captious and strict about the time accuracy and consistency. Ah! Here is exciting news for these people, because the giant watch company-Omega- has just claimed that they would use a new and more wide-ranging certification by the Swiss government controlled METAS agency. Before this, COSC Chronometer certification was utilized by Swiss Omega. Simply put, according to Omega’s statement, their in-house produced movements would become more precise and accurate. The most important reason of this change is that the company’s Master Co-Axial technology has well combined a unique type of escapement and the resistance of magnetic properties together. In this regard, it seems that the most comprehensive and extensive way of certifying an automatic replica watch will be utilized in further production of Omega. Let’s go to see how it exactly works practically.
Watches, and especially higher-end ones are sometimes sold with certain certificate issued by third parties – the most common being the COSC chronometer certificate (Rolex is COSC’s biggest customer). COSC Chronometer certification is about accuracy and performance, and others a testament to the origin, quality of execution, or reliability of the timepiece in question. Recently, there are lots of big changes and movements of Omega company, which are all can be counted as highly impressive developments – with the latest news being that its calibers bearing the “Master” designation in their name are highly anti-magnetic without necessitating a soft iron shield. We have discussed the Master Co-Axial movement in greater detail in our article about the Seamaster 300 Master Co-Axial (hands-on here).
Today, another breathtaking forward move are announced by replica Omega in Geneva: Omega will start working together with METAS, the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology to supply its Master Co-Axial with a highly strict and inclusive certification and, perhaps more vital, to innovate a new and highly complex standard of watch certification that will be offered to other, even non-Swatch Group brands.
Today well over 90% of Omega calibers are Co-Axial movements and about 10-15% of that amount are Master Co-Axial (stands for anti-magnetic) movements. Omega has promised that eventually all of its in-house made movements will be “Master Co-Axial. ” A really neat feature of METAS certification – unlike COSC certification – is that the wearer of any one replica watch equipped with a METAS certified Master Co-Axial movement will be able to visit the Omega website and use their unique watch serial number to check the specific performance of his/her watch during the certification process.
Though the cooperation of Omega and METAS seems really exciting for many people, there still are some opponents and suspects. They doubt that the in-house movements are highly complicated, though the Omega has already promised a better performance in accuracy and timekeeping. There is no practical way to testify it, especially for customers. However, in response to those dissenting voices, Omega claimed that the companies has already put forward a full set of stringent requirements for procedures, which is able to ensure the usability and reliability of the new techniques. Furthermore, extra value and distinguishing parts are offered in Master Co-Axial movements to maintain the unique of Omega from other competitors. In 2015, the Omega watches with new certification will be displayed. And right in the next year, a new production facility in Bienne, Switzerland near the Omega headquarters is being built to house the new department and equipment will be opened.