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Breitling Superocean VS Omega Seamaster 300

A common denominator between the Seamaster and Superocean collections is the use of the premiere model as an aesthetic starting point on which to base full production to appeal to a modern audience, as well as the introduction of limited edition pieces that are almost exact replicas.  omeg-077037_03
Of the two brands, it is fake Omega that is arguably the most faithful to the vintage originals. The main Seamaster 300 collection draws a great deal of its design inspiration from the CK2913, most notably the hands and hour markers, taken almost directly from the first model.
If you want to get into the real technicalities, this contemporary piece is closest to the third iteration of the first watch, the CK2913-3. It has the signature wide arrow hands with a forward counting bezel. With this in mind, the small arrow on the second’s hand is a modern touch.
The bezel, while slightly thicker than the first Seamaster, maintains its simplicity, with a hash marker only at every five minutes, rather than at the first 15 minutes as in the later models. In terms of choice, there is something for everyone.
Compared to the Seamaster 300, Breitling’s Heritage models go further in terms of modernization. While even the smallest of the three sizes is far larger than the original, the overall shape has been extensively modified. The lugs are long and about twice as thick as those of the ref. 1004 and 807, giving the Heritage models a more modern look. 1004 and 807 have longer lugs and are about twice as thick as ref. 1004 and 807, giving the whole replica watches a taller look and a significantly less squat and rounded appearance.
The dial, however, is a fairly close reproduction, especially the hands. Both the sword-shaped minute hand and the large arrow-shaped hour hand are filled with luminescence and are highly readable, as befits a dive watch. But the hands are shorter than those of the first model, without the circular figure of the four main points. And the date function hidden at six o’clock is not something you’d find on the original.
As for the bezel, that too has the same sparse numbers, consisting only of simple lines at the 5-minute scale. The most eye-catching models are the all-blue ones, and even these are admirably restrained and unobtrusive.
Again, both the Capsule and the limited edition pieces in the Boutique collection compete very closely with the first editions. Strangely, however, Breitling has also chosen to issue them as 42 mm watches – clearly not a vintage size for a traditionally inspired watch.