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The Best Luxury Field Watches on the Market this Month

A field watch is traditionally defined as a simple, easy-to-read watch intended for practical use “in the field”. The field watch has its roots in World War I. During this period, pocket watches were commonly used to keep time. However, the pocket replica watch had to be removed for timekeeping, making it impractical in extreme combat situations. To solve this problem, the pocket watch was adapted to be a wristwatch. Thus, the “trench watch” was born. When conflict is imminent, as you can imagine, accuracy and readability are paramount. Therefore, a trench watch is usually a durable, precise, time-only timepiece with readable Arabic numerals and strong light.
The simple yet thoughtful design includes details such as a red tip on the seconds hand, a color-matched date wheel, raised minute track and sandblasted hands. 40 and 42 mm models even feature a screw-down crown. The large Super-LumiNova-coated Arabic numerals and hands maximize readability. The watch also holds its own technology, with 100 m water resistance and COSC certification. The L888.4 movement may not be in-house, but it is produced exclusively by ETA for Longines. In addition to the 40 and 42 mm sizes, the Spirit is also available in a 37 mm case in classic proportions.
In place of the Broad Arrow (the symbol of the War Office and the Ministry of Defence) on the dial, the Bremont displays HMAF (His Majesty’s Armed Forces), indicating that the British Armed Forces have approved the watch. While all original Dirty Dozen watches measured between 35 and 38mm, the Broadsword has expanded to 40. Including a date display is another welcome change for those seeking modern functionality. Notably, the Broadsword features a small seconds hand, just like the military-spec watches of the 1940s.
The watch is purely for simplicity and practicality – its only gimmick is the artificially aged Super-LumiNova. while the Railmaster could be more accurately described as a tool watch, the model has many of the technical and aesthetic qualities that make up a good field watch, starting with durability. The Railmaster was originally intended for use around railroads and conventional electric fields. It has a magnetic resistance of up to 15,000 gauss.
The Rolex Explorer is the quintessential expedition watch. No list of adventure watches would be complete without it. Other expedition fake watches often copy the timeless three-sixty-nine dial configuration and the arrow markers at twelve o’clock but will always be indistinguishable from the Explorer name. Although the design is entirely in black and white, the so-called “Mercedes” hour hand, the traditional graphic Arabic numerals and the stark contrast between the white markers and the black dial give the Explorer its personality.