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2023 Popular TAG Heuer Calibre Heuer 02

It felt strange for a brand like TAG Heuer not to produce its own movements for a long time. That all changed when the TAG Heuer Calibre Heuer 02 was released in 2020, and for the first time, TAG Heuer had an in-house movement that could be shown to the world for its most iconic Carrera and Monaco collections.  tag-heuer
The TAG Heuer 02 movement features a 12-hour chronograph and date complication. It was a very smart decision for TAG Heuer to make the TAG Heuer 02 calibre for its most iconic replica watches. This innovation has allowed TAG Heuer to make great strides in its watchmaking capabilities and to compete with other established brands.
In preparation for our review, we were lucky enough to get our hands on a Carrera, model CBN2A10.BA0643. CBN2A10.BA0643, powered by TAG Heuer calibre 02. Please check out our video review if you are interested in this model.
My first impression of the movement is very impressive. Obviously, at this point, we cannot yet judge its accuracy, but we can assess its beauty and design. The black rotor and the Côtes de Genève surface of the machine initially stands out from the design. At first glance, the Calibre Heuer 02 movement is an absolute delight.
Over the next few days, we got to experience first-hand the accuracy and performance of the chronograph functions of the TAG Heuer 02 movement. The accuracy of the TAG Heuer 02 movement is excellent. I didn’t notice any signs of poor timekeeping while I was experiencing this watch in person. Its accuracy seems similar to other famous brands that cost twice as much. All TAG Heuer 02 movements are checked for compliance with the COSC certification standard, a measure of chronograph accuracy.
I’m no different than anyone else exposed to the new chronographs, and this feature will definitely get some use. The pushers make for a cleaner user experience, but I don’t see any noticeable difference in the accuracy of the chronograph compared to other similar models.

Great vintage watches to start building your collection

Starting a vintage Rolex watch collection can be a daunting task. When you start, your eyes are fixed on the awesome, big-money pieces you hope to own one day. You dream of scooping up a piece at a house auction and buying it for a bargain or investing big in a piece like a Paul Newman Daytona. 
But the joy of watch collecting, especially vintage copy watches, is investing in pieces you love, can wear, and hold their value. Here, we’ve handpicked a few vintages from Bob’s vault that make great entry-level pieces. They are all in excellent condition and are classics with universal appeal.
This vintage Rolex President 1803 is the perfect starting point for any beginner. Also known as the DayDate, this classic formal watch should be a staple in any collection. But what we love about this 1803 is its “pie plate” dial. The unique face makes this watch a great addition to your collection, as it is a staple model with an ironic twist that is sure to add value to your watch box.
We also love the 36mm yellow gold case and the serrated bezel of this watch, which stands out against the dark face. A classic watch, this mid-1970s fake Rolex gold vintage date watch is another great starting point for collectors. In addition, the universal size of 34mm wears very well on the wrist and will have universal appeal if you decide to sell it and upgrade it.
You don’t have to start your collection with a timeless classic. You can also easily invest in an innovative timepiece. What we like about this GMT-Master 16753 is that this watch is as cool and functional today as it was when it was produced in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Equipped with an automatic movement made for pilots in collaboration with Panamax, this watch keeps two time zones and military time. The oyster case also means it can withstand high altitudes and deep seas.
The watch is also attractive to look at. We love the two-tone 14k yellow gold and stainless steel case and strap. The black two-way bezel also matches the black face, and those luminous tritium hour markers are as visible in the cockpit as they are to the curious onlooker. With a look and feel like this, this 16753 will soon be the watch you buy to collect but wear (and enjoy) every day – as you should.
It wasn’t until 1970 that they started writing feet first, as they did with this one, to show how early and special this imitation watch was. Otherwise, the case and dial are in excellent condition, as are the markers and matching cream-colored hands, which have aged beautifully over the years. It’s also important to note the fat front bezel, which has faded to this wonderful gray color and may one day fade completely and become a ghost – which will certainly increase your value.

General Introduction of the Richard Mille RM 47 Tourbillon

The RM 47 Tourbillon explores Bushido – the moral code of the samurai whose values still dominate Japanese society today – through a favorite historical moment in the 18th century when 47 ronin set out to avenge the death of their leader, Nagamori Asano, and then followed him into the afterlife. The idea for the theme came from a conversation between Richard Mille and Fernando Alonso, the Formula One world champion, who was passionate about traditional Japanese art and samurai principles.  3e42c235c8d972816a6e82cc06b6658c-600x400 9bf6668847480e6e775f2a451cc34c7a-600x400
Instead of dedicating space to the movement, the replica watch offers its case to a hand-engraved miniature armor in 18ct gold. It took 16 hours to engrave the 11 parts that make up the samurai and another 9 hours to paint them. The tiniest details were included, such as the expression on the mask, which had to convey the samurai’s warrior spirit.
An actual work of art is the hand-wound tourbillon featuring the Asano family, which initially came from Hiroshima and is said to symbolize the spirit of Bushido.
Each samurai clan had its Kamon – a family symbol- worn in battle on clothing, sabers, and flags. The bird was considered a symbol of strength in war.
The crown, made of titanium, carbon TPT and polished gold, has a Japanese maple leaf. A symbol of beauty, elegance, and the brevity of life, it is the autumn equivalent of the cherry blossom, a symbol of rebirth in spring. Every November, the maple leaf changes color, breaks away from the branches and falls gyroscopic.
The skeleton base and bridges are grade 5 titanium, a highly corrosion-resistant alloy that allows the gear system to function correctly. This alloy comprises 90% titanium, 6% aluminum, and 4% vanadium, which enhances its mechanical properties and explains its frequent use in the aerospace and automotive industries.
Please contact us if you want advice on selling your watch or would like us to track down the copy watch of your dreams. We have buying teams in the UK and abroad, so we have a good chance of finding outstanding pieces. We can also offer a part exchange or a range of financing offers.

2022 First Look & Reactions to Rolex, Tudor, and others!

The Geneva Watch Show is in full swing, which means that many of the world’s leading luxury fake watch brands have just unveiled their new models for 2022. With a total of 38 brands exhibiting, this year also happens to be the first year that Watches & Wonders Geneva can exist as a live event. It’s arguably the most exciting time of the year for collectors and enthusiasts alike, so here’s your official recap and overview of the most important new releases.
The biggest news from Rolex this year is the new stainless steel GMT-Master II 126720VTNR, which has a green and black bezel and a left-handed crown. However, the new Rolex Air-King 126900 has also received a lot of attention as it marks the first time the crown guard has appeared on a model from the Air-King collection. Other new additions to the Rolex sports replica watch collection include a yellow gold version of the Yacht Prestige 42, a new jeweled dial option for the white gold model, and a slightly modified version of the Deepsea model.
On the classic side of the Rolex catalog, there is a new platinum Day-Date model featuring a fluted bezel, as well as some new dial options for the 36mm and 40mm models. The Datejust collection also gets a range of new dials, consisting of an extension of the fluted and palm-patterned dial introduced last year, as well as a new diamond-set dial for the 31 mm model featuring a floral motif on its face.   8e2f916fc2520c605537b7eb9cd7095b
Unlike the Patek Philippe Pilot’s Travel Time, which debuted in 2018, the new Annual Calendar Travel Time 5326G lacks its sibling’s prominent pushers for a cleaner and more streamlined aesthetic. Patek Philippe is also introducing a new time and date version of its classic Calatrava model, which features the same aesthetics as the new Annual Calendar Travel Time model, with a grainy textured gray dial, syringe hands, and a smooth bezel.
When it comes to its annual releases, Panerai usually tends to focus on one of its collections each year, and it is the Submersible that gets the newest releases at the Geneva Watch Fair. The 44mm case of the new Panerai Submersible QuarantaQuattro is made of traditional stainless steel, the brand’s recyclable Steel, or its proprietary carbon-based Carbotech material.
The new 44mm submersible model falls between the current 42mm and 47mm watches, expanding the number of options and reinforcing Panerai’s commitment to sustainable materials. Panerai’s steel material has the same properties as traditional stainless steel, including the same chemical behavior, physical structure, and corrosion resistance. However, because the alloy is composed primarily of recycled materials, it is more sustainable than traditional steel, allowing Panerai to reduce its environmental impact.
A brand known as much for its jewelry as for its copy watches, Cartier has always produced elegant timepieces with unique designs that are emblematic of the brand. New models of classic fan favorites such as the Tank, Panthère, and Santos-Dumont have appeared, in addition to a number of new Cartier Pasha watches ranging from simple stainless steel models to complex references and even a model with a flying tourbillon.

IWC Pilot’s Watch Automatic Spitfire – open back

In a typical IWC style, the self-winding movement travels behind a double case-back with enhanced protection against magnetic fields.  iwc-075889_02 iwc-075889_03
The matte stainless steel case with its narrow, steep bezel and massive screw-down case-back has a moderate diameter of 39 mm and is thus 1 mm smaller than the case of the Mark XVIII. The height of 10.86 mm gives it a sporty look and is the appropriate thickness for a classic pilot’s watch. The Manufacture caliber 32110 contributes to the height of the case: the movement is 4.2 mm thick. Its diameter is 28.2 mm. In addition, thanks to the soft-iron inner case and the additional inner case back, the 32110 movements are equipped with additional protection against magnetic fields, a detail already included in the Mark 11.
The triangle on either side consists of two dots, which are borrowed from historical pilot’s watches. It ensured – and continues to ensure – better positioning of the fake Rolex watch hands in a dark cockpit. The beige coating of this triangle is a nostalgic touch on the dial. The same beige hue – and the same sense of nostalgia – recurs on the two main hands and the three index lines for the quarters, half-hours and three-quarters hours. On the other hand, the luminous bright green coating on the hour and minute hands and on the four indexes is a feature of IWC Pilot’s Watches that dates back at least to the ancestors of Mark 11.
IWC’s self-winding manufacture caliber 32110 is the newest addition to this functional pilot’s watch. the 32000 series was designed as a basic movement line with an emphasis on robustness and reliability. Just like the previous basic chronograph movement 69000, this newcomer is designed to replace movements from external sources such as ETA and Sellita. As the price of this watch suggests, the new in-house movement can be incorporated almost without a price increase. The movement is rock-solid and up to date. Similar to the Pellaton winding mechanism invented by replica IWC itself, the new movement includes an effective click-winding system in both directions. This innovation is simpler, however, and is a joint development within the Richemont Group. This winding system can also be used by other Richemont Group manufacturers in their movements. It winds efficiently and builds up a substantial 72-hour or 3-day power reserve in a single barrel.
The movement cannot be seen through the opaque double case back, but it is still designed in a way that is unique to IWC. Typical details are the solid bridges decorated with circular Geneva waves, the various circular graining, and, above all, the skeletonized rotor bearing the IWC logo. In all cases, the movement’s rate values remain within a perfect chronograph range of five seconds – not outstandingly precise, but still solid and satisfying, just like the entire movement.

Best IWC Pilot’s Watch Automatic Spitfire

IWC has introduced a new Spitfire squadron in its Pilot’s Watches collection, which debuts in 2019. For the first time, the Pilot’s Watch Automatic Spitfire houses in its case a self-winding movement from the new 32000 Series manufacture movement.   iwc-075870_03
“Have I seen this watch somewhere before?” That’s what you might think when you see the classic Pilot’s Watch Automatic Spitfire for the first time. And you wouldn’t be wrong, because its design was inspired by the legendary Mark 11 from 1948.
In the late 1940s, IWC was invited by the British government to develop a special watch for Royal Air Force pilots. It was equipped with IWC’s equally popular hand-wound caliber 89, whose soft-iron inner case protected it from the adverse effects of magnetic fields. The boldly designed dial is legible during the day and at night. The Mark XII with automatic movement and date display followed, but connoisseurs had to wait until 1994 for its final appearance.
Flanked by two dots in a triangle, this was borrowed from a historical pilot’s replica watches. It ensured – and continues to ensure – better positioning of the watch hands in a dark cockpit. The beige coating of this triangle is a nostalgic accent on the dial. The same beige hue – and the same nostalgic sentiment – recurs on the two main hands as well as on the three scales used to display the quarter-hour, half-hour, and three-quarter-hour. On the other hand, the bright green luminescent coating on the hour and minute hands and on the four indicators is characteristic of replica IWC Pilot’s Watches, dating back at least to Mark 11.
IWC’s self-winding manufacture caliber 32110 is the newest addition to this functional Pilot’s Watch. The 32000 series was designed as a basic movement family with a focus on robustness and reliability. Like the previous basic chronograph movement, the 69000, this new piece is designed to replace the externally sourced movements from ETA and Sellita. As the price of this fake watch suggests, the new in-house movement can be added at almost no additional cost.
The long-running autonomy is made possible by advanced movement technology. Among other new features here, IWC’s movement uses silicon components for the first time. The escapement wheel and anchor are made of this wear-resistant, non-magnetic material, but unfortunately, the hairspring is not, so a soft iron inner casing is still needed to provide additional protection against magnetic fields. A newly developed lubricant extends the life of the components.

Breitling Superocean VS Omega Seamaster 300

A common denominator between the Seamaster and Superocean collections is the use of the premiere model as an aesthetic starting point on which to base full production to appeal to a modern audience, as well as the introduction of limited edition pieces that are almost exact replicas.  omeg-077037_03
Of the two brands, it is fake Omega that is arguably the most faithful to the vintage originals. The main Seamaster 300 collection draws a great deal of its design inspiration from the CK2913, most notably the hands and hour markers, taken almost directly from the first model.
If you want to get into the real technicalities, this contemporary piece is closest to the third iteration of the first watch, the CK2913-3. It has the signature wide arrow hands with a forward counting bezel. With this in mind, the small arrow on the second’s hand is a modern touch.
The bezel, while slightly thicker than the first Seamaster, maintains its simplicity, with a hash marker only at every five minutes, rather than at the first 15 minutes as in the later models. In terms of choice, there is something for everyone.
Compared to the Seamaster 300, Breitling’s Heritage models go further in terms of modernization. While even the smallest of the three sizes is far larger than the original, the overall shape has been extensively modified. The lugs are long and about twice as thick as those of the ref. 1004 and 807, giving the Heritage models a more modern look. 1004 and 807 have longer lugs and are about twice as thick as ref. 1004 and 807, giving the whole replica watches a taller look and a significantly less squat and rounded appearance.
The dial, however, is a fairly close reproduction, especially the hands. Both the sword-shaped minute hand and the large arrow-shaped hour hand are filled with luminescence and are highly readable, as befits a dive watch. But the hands are shorter than those of the first model, without the circular figure of the four main points. And the date function hidden at six o’clock is not something you’d find on the original.
As for the bezel, that too has the same sparse numbers, consisting only of simple lines at the 5-minute scale. The most eye-catching models are the all-blue ones, and even these are admirably restrained and unobtrusive.
Again, both the Capsule and the limited edition pieces in the Boutique collection compete very closely with the first editions. Strangely, however, Breitling has also chosen to issue them as 42 mm watches – clearly not a vintage size for a traditionally inspired watch.

The self-winding chronographs Audemars Piguet Updates

A year after the high-profile launch of its Code 11:59 collection, Audemars Piguet has introduced a new range of references, including lacquered dial and a two-tone case. The new model covers the brand’s auto-winding date and chronographs models.
The Code 11:59 collection was touted as the biggest AP launch since the Royal Oak in 1972 but received a tepid response from the watch collecting community. In response, the brand unveiled a new watch case design that highlights an octagonal frame that recalls the definition of the Royal Oak collection. In code 11:59, the middle of the case is an octagon, while the bezel and back of the case are rounded.
Among the 11:59 collection’s signature elements are the open-design lugs, whose upper segments are welded to the round bezel while the lower segments lean into the caseback. Audemars Piguet has introduced five new references with smoked lacquer dials bearing sunburst patterns in hues of blue, burgundy, purple, and light and dark grey in both the self-winding date and self-winding chronograph models.
The self-winding date models use a 41-mm case in either 18k white gold or two-tone gold variations. The two-tone gold cases are uncommon in the history of Audemars Piguet replica watches. The manufacture claims it made only eight two-tone models out of the 550 wristwatches manufactured and sold between 1882 and 1969. The blend of white and rose gold is particularly rare, with only one recorded in the archives before 1978.
The five chronograph references are powered by Caliber 4401, an integrated chronograph using a column wheel, vertical clutch, and flyback function, visible through the watch’s caseback. Both movements are equipped and finished to a “high quality” using refined hand-finishing techniques including “traits tirés,” Côtes de Genève, circular graining, circular satin, and diamond-polished angles.
The self-winding chronographs use the in-house Caliber 4302, an automatic movement with seconds and instant-jump date indications. The movement houses a 22k gold rotor that amasses for the movement a power reserve of 70-hours. All five timing references have the same case structure and share the same material as the self-winding date model. The replica watch comes in platinum, rose gold, or two-color gold case.

White Ceramic Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

It’s safe to say that Royal Oak is one of the hottest fake watches on the planet right now. Nobody can argue with that, right? Each limited edition sold out almost immediately, while waiting lists for most mainstream models ranged from months to years. Within the Royal Oak family, the complication to have is the perpetual calendar, and within the fake Royal Oak perpetual calendar family, the watch to have is the black ceramic version. This has been the case since its launch in January 2017, and there has been no sharp drop in demand, if any. So you can imagine how much attention the Associated Press drew when it announced earlier this year that the watch would be made of white ceramic.
It was June when I first heard about this watch, but I only got to see one in the metal just several weeks ago in New York City. I have to say, when I unwrapped the box and took it out, it had about as much “wow” factor as any watch I’ve seen in recent memory. I mean, it’s a bright white, all ceramic Royal Oak with a QP caliber inside. If it’s not going for “wow” factor, I have no idea what it’s doing at all.
I remember being surprised by two things when I first tried on the black ceramic Royal Oak QP a few years back: 1) It’s super light. 2) The finishing on the ceramic is insane. As far as the white version goes, number one is still true. You pick the watch up and you’re a bit shocked that it doesn’t weight more. We’re not talking Richard Mille quartz tourbillon light, but it does feel super light even though you compare it to a comparable steel model. What this means is that that 41mm watch wears really comfortably, even with that full bracelet.
For some, that’s part of the appeal of a white ceramic watch – it looks monolithic, like the pure color just floating on your wrist. For others, they want to see tabulating expertise at work. It’s just a matter of taste. But anyway, your base is covered, right?
Complementing the white ceramic is a beautiful blue dial and white counter-dial. This is a blue shadow that I don’t think I’ve seen at the Audemars Piguet replica before. There’s a hint of grey in it and it’s got a cool, steely quality that I think works really well with the white. A bright blue or oversaturated blue might end up looking too loud here, overpowering the rest of the watch. That week number indicator around the edge of the dial still bugs me, but whatever.
One thing worth noting is that there are two parts of this fake watch that are not white ceramic: the caseback and the folding buckle for the bracelet. This is standard with most ceramic watches because the tiny moving parts in the band cannot be made of ceramic and it is easier to achieve a complete waterproof seal with metal. In theory, the buckle won’t cause any noticeable wear to the bottom of the white ceramic bracelet, but I admit that if I wore a buckle on my wrist, no matter how long it lasted, I would still worry about it.

Great Replica Patek Philippe’s Nautilus with Heavyweight

I hope we can put 2019’s Nautilus-mania down in history, but another part of my brain is not so sure. In any case, the chances that you’ll walk into the old AD, drop down a few compost meats, and come out with this complex beauty – the great replica Patek Philippe 5740 Nautilus — are all turning sharply toward zero. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.
One of the big surprises of Baselworld 2018 was Patek Philippe’s decision to add a grand complication model – specifically a perpetual calendar – to the Nautilus line. Or was it? Nautilus-with-complication is an old story and the pre-Basel rumour mill was promoting the ‘perpetual’ idea pretty heavily. So when Patek released the ref. 5740 there was a complete sense of “Surprise – what is that?”  
The movement is one of Patek’s all-time greats: the ultra-thin self-winding calibre 240 Q – also found in the collection in the Calatrava-cased ref. 5327. It’s actually the same movement that was introduced in the landmark ref. 3940 in the mid-1980s and continually improved upon over the years. Those improvements consist of a Gyromax balance wheel and Spiromax hairspring. The perpetual calendar display indicates the day, date, month and leap year by hands, as well as a moon phase and 24-hour display.
The white gold case measures 40mm, has a screw-down crown, helping to ensure water-resistance to 60 metres, and comes on a white gold bracelet with a folding clasp.
Nevertheless, there’s an awful lot happening on the dial, this is still every inch a Nautilus. As a matter of fact, it’s really obvious how the case design is so strong that even an information-packed, three-register display doesn’t detract from its clarity and cohesion.
The horizontal ribbed dial — in this case the same blue as the 40th anniversary model and with the usual sun exposure — holds these displays in place – anchors those displays really well. As on all calibre 240 Q models, the arrangement of the sub-dials is very instinctive, so the information is easy to get. The combined date and moonphase dial, set at 6 o’clock, is bigger than the other two, adding weight and balance to the overall composition.
The 5740 feels superb on the wrist – nice weight, perfect balance, good size. Luckily, the fake Patek resisted the temptation to go for the 42mm diameter it used for the 40th anniversary collection and stuck to the 40mm. Such a great design doesn’t need big dimensions any way.
The perfect arrangement of the corrector pushers for the calendar is barely noticeable at first. But it’s the sort of refinement Patek would like to bring to its work: visually subtle improvements that involve what seems like a disproportionate amount of technical effort – in this way, what Patek replica watches calls “deflection mechanisms”. You already know it’s so beautiful.